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do u ever see stuff customized for little kids and get blown away by how small……children are like…….those little little tiny chairs in preschools… small……they sit in those and do their work…….what does someone so small have going on…I know it’s important and they’re working hard…..I love them & I love those little chairs

This is not my first kid and yet I’m still floored by how tiny baby shirts are. Like… omg. I had one of these before!? Was the first one really that small? Really? AND I’M HAVING ANOTHER VERY SMALL PERSON!?

every time i see baby sneakers in the shoe store I am speechless I stop in my tracks. baby boots? have you seen the little timbs they make for teeny feet I’m going to SCREAM

The first time I saw newborn sized jeans (they had an elastic waistband) I almost cried. They had tiny working pockets and I was so shocked. These tiny babies with their little baby hands don’t even have things to put into their pockets and yet they have working pockets but I, a grown woman, have to check to make sure jeans have working pockets before I can buy them

you don’t know…..babies have a lot of things to put in pockets like…….their Very Small Hands……a single ravioli……