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↳ “the wall doesn’t go away. the wall just gets bigger and higher and plastered in dreams. you’re going to get that part, and you’re going back to new york, and you’re taking that wall with you. and if i’m real lucky, then i’ll always be on it somewhere.”

Just let teens be


Yesterday I saw a lot of people complaining about SpongeBob Squarepants’ commercial success and their 12 Tony nominations. They were mostly blaming the teen population for making the show popular. It’s sad that whenever older generation find something unsatisfying, they always regard the teens as the cesspool of vulgarity.

Thinking that “annoying” teens are the reason the show succeeds is a way of disrespecting hundreds of people who worked hard on the show. Performers, composers, technicians, designers and other countless groups took their jobs seriously and fully committed to this project. This is why the show was given 12 well-deserved Tony nominations yesterday. These people who worked on the musical deserve to be praised, respected and celebrated for what they do.

Speaking of composers, the show’s songs are a collaborative effort from multiple well-known musicians such as Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie andPanic! at the Disco. What is interesting is that David Bowie he had been showing interest in the musical. But since he did not have time to write a new song for the musical, he suggested that the creators take one of the lesser-known songs. So under David Bowie’s blessing, one of his songs was adapted to be in the musical. These musicians might not have participated at all if they thought the musical was just going to be a “cringey,” low effort musical that just relies on “teen fandom” and viral marketing.

When teens are not interested in musical and theatre, people call them uncultured. When teens do like musicals and theatre, people call them immature or say they will ruin everything. When teens are talented, people say they will fail soon. When teens are serious activists, people call them attention-seeking crybabies. What do people actually want the teens to do? This vicious cycle has been going on for decades, no, centuries. It’s time to let the teens like whatever they want.