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There’s a fic on fanfiction(.)net that I’ve kept tabs on for years to see if it’s been updated or not. While I’m no longer even in the fandom it’s written for, it just has one of the greatest storylines I’ve ever read. Last time it was updated was 2011.

The other day, I decided to reread the entire thing and leave a very in-depth review of what I thought of each chapter. I also mentioned how I started reading it when I was 13 and am now 21, but always came back to see if it was ever finished because I loved it so dearly.

Today, said author sent me a private message saying that her analytics showed that the story was still getting views even after all these years, but no one ever bothered to leave reviews other than “update soon!!!”, so she never felt motivated enough to finish it. She said that me reviewing every single chapter with lengthy paragraphs made her cry and meant the world to her. She also mentioned that she felt encouraged to write the two remaining chapters needed to complete the story and that she would send me a message the night before she updates the fic.

I’m literally sobbing. I’m so excited :’)

Please always remember to leave a review when reading fanfiction!!! It means a lot to a writer.

I have one reader that, without fail every single time, leaves me a several paragraph long review on every update I write. I don’t reply to many reviews because I just don’t have time, but I always reply to theirs because they mean the world to me. I know it’s coming too, so I scan down my inbox to see if they’ve left their review yet, and when they do, I read it over and over. Not only is it so sweet and motivating, but it’s very insightful and often tells me what is or isn’t working in the story. 

Not every review needs to be a page long, but taking the extra time to say what you liked, which lines were nice to you, etc….that’s just the best thing in the world. It certainly beats the ever present, “thanks for the update, when’s the next one?” I don’t even bother approving those anymore. 

I have to say I have been so goddamn lucky with my readers and commenters. I don’t think I have ever received the commonly quoted, “Please update soon!!” replies on recent chapters. Maybe it’s the pairing, maybe it’s the fandom – I don’t know what the secret is, but I am beyond grateful for my people who have stuck with me through thick and thin. 

You’re all too numerous to name, but remember that I adore and cherish each and every one of your comments, both long and short, the highly detailed and the general flailing. Thank you. <3

Every comment means a world to me. Every comment is someone who read my thing and decided that it was worth their time to interact with me afterwards.

Writers don’t write their stories for themselves, at least I don’t. Why would I? That story is already in my head, infinitely better than I can ever write. I write it because I want to share it with people. And I’m always grateful when people want to read it and tell me about it later.

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Person: Your writing is so good!



You have been visited by the Thor of Positivity™! Take pride in your work and be confident in it! It may not be perfect but he knows you are working very hard and pouring your passion into it and therefore it is a Good Thing. 


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Once upon a time, Thor was exiled to Midgard, and spent his time playing the role of the hero. So his brother Loki—smarting over a few minor squabbles—decided to play the role of the villain. But the gods are creatures of magic. Creatures of story. We must be careful which roles we step into.